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Senso Case Contest

February 17, 2017

American brand Senso Case, the premium source for phone accessories for sports lovers is starting a new initiative. SHARE YOUR PASSION and WIN any case from our inspiring collection.
We want you to share your greatest moments. Share your most inspiring, crazy, and funny pics and videos of you participating in your favourite sport. Those who get the most reactions within a two week period will win a free case from Senso Case.

To participate in the contest first you have to sign up @sensocase
Then post your photo on your instagram account.
Write in description: My entry into the contest for the best photos from @sensocase #sensocasecontest1

Accounts must remain active throughout the contest. 03 March 2017 we will select winners based on number of likes generated and quality of photo/video content. The winner will receive any phone case from our online store of their choice.

Every three months we will announce the grand winner who will receive one sample of every product we produce. (One case, one power bank, one protective glass)

Every January we will select the greatest, most inspiring photo or video from the prior year and that person will receive a 7 day, 6 night trip to either a sea or ski resort. Hotel and flight included.*

Help us share and inspire a healthy lifestyle and love for sports!

Contest Rules

All images and videos must be non-copyright original productions by the entrant and must adhere to Instagram’s standard policy of posting and uploading. Any images or videos found to be fabricated, plagiarized, or falsified in any way will be removed and voided from entry into the competition.

Number of likes and reactions will be used as a weighted measure and final judgment of the images will fall to Senso Case staff. Images and videos will be judged at the end of each two week period and the selected winner will be notified by message on Instagram. Further details on how to receive the prize of 1(one) premium phone case of their choice will be contained in the message.

Every three months all previous winners of those months will be invited to repost their winning image to Instagram with additional instructions for competition in the semi-final drawings. After two weeks a winner will be selected from among these 6 images. Just as before the winner will be selected and notified by private contact on how to receive their prize of 1 (one) premium phone case, 1 (one) Intelligent powerbank, and 1 (one) protective glass face.

In January, 2018 all winners from the previous year will be invited to repost their images to instagram for the chance to enter the Grand Final drawing of a 7 (seven) day, 6 (six) night stay at a Sea or Ski resort, to be named at a later date, round trip airfare included. All entrants will be given further instruction and the times and days to have entries posted and submitted by. After another 2 (two) week review and judgement a final winner will be selected.

For any further questions or concerns regarding entry into the contest please contact us at


Every two week cycle: 1 premium phone case.
Semi-final Prize: 1 premium phone case, 1 intelligent powerbank, and 1 protective glass face
Grand Prize: 2 (two) roundtrip economy class airline tickets* and a 6 (night) hotel stay in one of the available locations provided. **

* Airline will be determined based upon winner’s location and available flights for the given time period.
** Senso Case is not responsible for any visa, travel, or international fees incurred by recipient when traveling.
Food and other ammenities are not included and are the sole responsibility of the winner.

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