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What is Sensocase?
Sensocase is an international team of sports enthusiasts working to create products that allow other enthusiasts to share their passion with the world.

What makes Sensocase different from the rest?
Sensocase combines the highest quality products with greatest styles and art from around the globe.

Does Sensocase have any offline retailers?
We are presently building our network of retailers to give our customers future opportunities for a more personal shopping experience. If you are interested in carrying our products please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Where is Sensocase located?
From Asia through Europe to the United States, Sensocase is an international company combing the world to bring you the very best.

Ordering and Shipping

How do I make changes to my order?
If you have any questions or concerns with your order please contact us immediately at To expedite your assistance please include your order #.

Can I customize the images on my case/order designs?
Due to the exclusivity of our images we cannot offer customization options at this time. Signing up for our newsletter is the best way to find out when new images and options become available. You can stay up to date with all Sensocase has to offer and more on our facebook, twitter and instagram pages.

How do I cancel/Change an order?
If your order has already shipped, we unfortunately will be unable to cancel it. Please follow the instructions located in our Returns and Refunds policy for the most efficient processing of your request.
If your order has not shipped please contact us immediately at with your order number as soon as possible.

Do you charge taxes on my purchases?
No, Sensocase does not charge any form of taxes on purchases made.

*Due to international differences, some countries may charge an import tax, duties and related customs fees are not covered in your payments to us. If these charges are applicable they will be determined by the Customs office of the destination country. For further details or questions on this matter please contact your local Customs office directly.

When will my order be shipped?
Barring any unforeseen problems your order will be shipped typically within 24 hours of processing.

Returns and Refunds

Does Sensocase have a satisfaction guarantee/ warrantee policy?
Yes, Sensocase offers a 1 Year limited warranty, please follow our return policy as outlined and we will expedite your case as soon as possible.

How do I return a product?
Should you wish to return one of our products please contact us with your order number at within 10 days of receipt of your order. Further instruction and information will be given to ensure your satisfaction.

My order never arrived, who do I contact?
If your order is showing delivered, please contact us with the number of your order immediately at


Is Sensocase hiring?
Sensocase is always looking for driven, creative individuals to add to our team. Please send your CV to

Can I submit/sell my artwork to Sensocase?
In our desire to bring the freshest, most inspiring images to our customers we are always eager to find new and creative works. Please contact us at with a minimum of three samples of your skills.

How can I contact someone about questions I cannot find the answers to here?
Please feel free to contact us at with any and all questions you may have regarding our products and services.