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Skateboarding Phone Case

SKU: 0650181993471

A sleek, fashionable, and protective case for your phone. Made from high quality materials to create a resilient cover that will not only protect your phone but last. One of a kind imagery brought to you by world renowned artists to show off what you truly love. Whether you're buying it for a friend, family member or yourself, you’ll be proud to show off this one of a kind case and artistry. All products come with Senso Case’s 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Durable and Ultra light materials, Anti-scratch technology, anti-print technology.
Doesn't disrupt the style of your phone. Almost unnoticeable but protective.
Last but not least - Stylish.

Slim, light weight and yet protective body displaying beautiful watercolor masterpieces made with the collaboration of famous French designer Florian Nicole.

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The Philosophy

Remember the fire in the eyes of your first opponents? The rush of crushing that wave or trick for the first time? Sailing through the air when you stepped out that door? Landing firm and strong after owning the mountains and obstacles in your way? That moment when you overcame all doubts and fears and realized this is what you were born to do. It is our drive to bring these feelings back with every image we choose for our products.

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